Food from the Road Less Traveled

We are wanderers, who believe every meal can be a journey, an adventure, and a true taste of somewhere new.
We are explorers, who search for secrets of cuisine and cooking that lie far from the beaten path. We are innovators, who believe the most powerful experiences come from thinking outside of the kitchen and the cookbook.

We are the chefs, farmers, fishermen, foragers, and foodies, who tread the road less traveled, in search of the colorful friends, flavors, and foods that make life worth living…

And we invite you to join us!

empanadas, Becoming a tico


Becoming Tico — Los Clásicos!

A masterclass in homestyle Costa Rican cuisine. “We think that the best way to truly appreciate Tico cooking is to learn to cook it yourself! In this cooking experience, we teach you to make the staples of Costa Rican cuisine with...

tacos ticos, Los tacos ticos más ricos


Los Tacos Ticos Más Ricos

Snackable, shareable… a festival of flavor! “Handmade tortillas, fun flavors, and a whole world of handmade tacos! That was the inspiration for this family-style dining experience, perfect for any occasion!”From our pescaterian menu,...

Holy Crust experience


The Holy Crust

A sourdough revival from a resilient community “In the heart of dark times, local providers and chefs combined neglected and overlooked ingredients to forge a new chapter of Costa Rican cuisine, all on a sourdough pizza crust.”From our...

cutting meat at Over the embers


Over the Embers

A flame-grilled exploration of artisan meats “On the rolling hills and stark, beautiful mountain sides of Costa Rica, bold farmers have bred lineages of meat unlike any other. This experience is their story and their celebration.”From...


Secrets of the Sea

From our pescaterian menu, inspired by local firshermen’s ‘catch of the day’, to our grilled menu, inspired by Guanacaste’s sabaneros, all ingredients are sourced within a 10-minutes drive from Potrero. We work with farmers, fishermen,...

RLT Experiences

Here at RLT Cuisine, meals are what bring us together, just like they have for thousands of generations. And those meals and dining experiences are at the core of the RLT offering. Farmers, foragers, and fishermen provide us with fresh, flavorful, and surprising ingredients. Chefs turn these ingredients into art and stories, and then it’s the role of you — our friends, our friends, and our families — to bring the final ingredient… enjoyment!


Feel free to explore the RLT Experiences above, or see the full list by clicking below.

The RLT Story

The spirit of RLT Cuisine is as old as the first journey, as ancient as the first tales shared over a fire under the stars. But the story of RLT Cuisine starts with an forager, adventurer, and artist who had a one-way ticket, a burning passion for cuisine, and an unbreakable spirit. With no safe harbor waiting for them, they set out across the sea to discover a world beyond their wildest dreams, food and ingredients incomparable to any other on earth, and a trail of new friends and family that stretched from hidden coastal shores to the heart of snow-covered forests.

Four years, five continents, and countless meals and stories later, that adventurer returned home to the place that had given birth to their passion for the wild and untraveled, for the untread path and the food that was found there. And it was there, among the rolling plains and striking mountainsides, from the sparkling seas and unconquerable jungles, that RLT Cuisine was born.

The RLT Story, in many ways, is just beginning. In the rich, vibrant lands and seas of Costa Rica, there still lies much to be discovered, after all. But as that adventurer had learned in their travels, the love of food and stories, and the joy of exploration had a way of bringing people together. Wherever a farmer pours true passion into creating fresh produce, wherever a forager searches for new fruits and plants to ignite the senses, and wherever a chef tells a story to new friends over dinner — it’s there you can find a small piece of the RLT Communty.

We hope you’ll join us, for the spirit of adventure, for the exchange of stories with new friends, and for the love of the Road Less Traveled!

The RLT Community

Eating with us means stepping into a wonderful community united by passion for living, for adventure, and for food. Providers, chefs, foodies — we’re all a part of the RLT Community, and we’d love to have you join us!


100% something you should experience with Gilberto. The food was amazing even with my dietary restrictions. We learned a lot, tried new dishes and heard plenty of life stories to keep us entertained.


ABSOLUTELY MINDBLOWING! First, the food is spectacular, as you would expect, but the experience is perfect and comfortable since you open the door; you immediately become friends with Gilberto. He will take you on a journey around the Guanacaste province while discussing different foods and his personal relationship with the producers. As you try each dish, you immediately want more and wish the experience won’t end. This was one of the best foods I’ve ever tried and can’t wait to be back in Guanacaste to meet Gilberto again.

Dine with Us

Is there an adventure you’d like to have that you don’t see on our Experiences list? Would you like to become one of our providers or featured chefs? Or just interested in joining us for dinner? 


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